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Protection of ecosystem

Protection of ecology and environmental problem has drawn everyone's attention as well as government's, and effluent from wastewater treatment plants is one of the big issues.

Chlorination system was used in the past, but because of the severe side-effect of the residual chlorine the level of residual chlorine in discharge to ecosystem is strictly restricted. Antichlor chemicals such as sulfur dioxide or sodium metabisulfate has been added as a shift, however, this method also cause water pollution, leaving certain possibility to combine organisms in wastewater with chlorine and produce carcinogenic substances.

It is essential to keep a tight rein on discharge of hazardous materials, but the ultimate solution is not to use chlorine. UV disinfection is the new and innovative technology which can protect water resources and ecosystem.



Eco-friendly treatment

The sun light has been used for means of disinfection for a long time as ultraviolet light among it can destruct microorganisms. NEOTEC UV has developed and successfully commercialized the UV disinfection technology that can deactivate bacteria and virus in drinking water and wastewater.

NEOTEC UV has diverse technology which can process municipal and industrial wastewater perfectly in any condition, its capacity ranges from 10m3/day to 1 million m3/day.



Principle of UV disinfection


UV light is a natural component of the electromagnetic spectrum. It falls to the left of visible light with higher energy levels and wavelengths between 100nm~400nm, and UV treatment destroys bacteria, viruses and other contaminants by using the same principles as sunlight itself. Direct ray of sunlight permanently purifies water by rendering biological impurities inactive.

The light used in NEOTEC UV system is generated in mercury arc lamps. A watertight quartz tube surrounds each lamp. The typical primary wavelength from medium pressure lamp is around 265nm, and that from low pressure lamp is at 253.7nm.

The intensive UV light reaches the microorganisms in the water and impacts directly on their DNA. By inactivating the DNA the cell division of the microorganism is interrupted. It is possible to destroy more than 99% of pathogens in water.

Excessive suspended solids in effluent would absorb the UV light and obstruct the disinfection performance. So we, NEOTEC UV take the parameters such as concentration of microorganism, suspended solids which might cause UV consumption, average flow and maximum flow into consideration when we design a system. Generally NEOTEC UV system is designed to maintain optimal UV dosage under any circumstances by reckoning in sufficient safety factor.

NEOTEC UV system has effective performance than conventional chlorination. Chlorination needs 15 to 30 minutes of contact time for proper performance, while UV treatment only takes a few seconds in discharge line, which means the cost per unit flow by NEOTEC UV is very low.