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Quartz Sleeve


Quartz sleeves protect UV lamps from water. They are made of pure (more than 99.99%) SiO2 in order to transmit the UV light from lamps, chemically stable, hardly expandable (coefficient of thermal expansion: 5.5*10-7cm/) in high temperature (softening temperature: 1,683C), insulating and acid-resistant.

There are two types of sleeves according to the UV sterilizer: both-ends opened, and one-end domed.

Quartz sleeves need to be cleaned automatically or manually in order to prevent foreign substance on the surface of the sleeve from blocking the UV light. Usually sleeves are replaced every 1 to 3 years depending on the circumstances.


NEOTECUV - Sleeve - Model Chart

External diameter Length Thickness Transmittance
47mm 1488mm 2.5T 90% More than
38mm 1028mm 2.5T 90% More than
38mm 1208mm 2.5T 90% More than
38mm 558mm 2.5T 90% More than
32mm 1650mm 1.5T 90% More than
28mm 1800mm 1.5T 90% More than
28mm 1650mm 1.5T 90% More than
28mm 920mm 1.5T 90% More than
24.5mm 1800mm 1.5T 90% More than
24.5mm 1650mm 1.5T 90% More than
24.5mm 920mm 1.5T 90% More than
* If you are interested in any types other than this model chart, please directly contact us. We can customize the product.