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NOL-V SERIES - Open channel type low-pressure UV disinfection system



1. Small to large capacity range, easy to expand capacity by modular design.
2. Automatic wiper mechanism eliminating the requirement of manual cleaning of quartz sleeves.
3. High efficiency, long lamp life amalgam technology.
4. Overall control features such as UV monitoring, remote controlling, system monitoring and water level regulator.
5. Know-how on selecting most suitable module type and water level regulator for specific site condition.
6. Standardized open channel type model equipped with microprocessor control.
7. Applicable for medium to large size plants
8. Module with one-touch connector

Installation Layout


Standard Specification

Module Specification  
Material STS 316
Lamp Type/Input power per lamp Low Pressure, Amalgam / 320 Watts or 500 Watts
Cleaning System Electric Motor-driven Automatic Wiper Mechanism with Limit Switches
Water Level Control(Optional) ALC(Counterbalanced Level Control Gate) or Motorized Weir Gate or Fixed Weir
Operating Water Temperature +5℃ - +45℃
Enclosure Specification  
Material RAL7032 Painted Mild Steel (Optional StSt 304 available)
Protection Rating IP54 / NEMA4
System Control Panel (SCP)  
Controller PLC
Voltage / Frequency 220V-480V, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature +0℃ - +50℃
Power Supply Panel (PSP)  
Ballast Type Variable output electronic ballast