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NOL-I SERIES Open Channel Type Low Pressure Inclined UV System

  1. Automatic module lifting device providing ease of maintenance
  2. Compact inclined design allowing small footprint and expansion capability
  3. Proprietary NOL-I Series lamp arrangement design reducing head loss and increasing UV disinfection efficiency
  4. Motor-driven automatic wiper designed to maintain disinfection performance
  5. Utilized energy-efficient UV Solaray lamp technology
  6. Robust and reliable UV reactor design based on calculated Reduction Equivalent Dose (RED) from CFD modeling


1 System Control Panel (SCP)
2 Power Supply Panel (PSP)
3 UV Module
4 UV Lamp (600~960W)
5 Electric Motor-driven Automatic Wiper Mechanism
6 Motorized Weir Gate
7 Realtime UVT Sensor
8 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Standard Specification

Model Specification  
Material Stst 316
Lamp Type/Input power per lamp LPHO Lamp / 600 – 960W
Cleaning System Electric Motor-driven Automatic Wiper Mechanism
Water Level Control (Optional) Fixed Weir, Motorized Weir Gate
Operating Water Temperature 5℃~45℃
Lifting Mechanism Lifting Mechanism for Module
Enclosure Specification  
Material RAL 7032, Mild steel (Optional StSt 304 available)
Protection Rating IP54 / NEMA 4X
System Control Panel (SCP)/td>  
Controller PLC or Microprocessor
Voltage / Frequency 220V~480V / 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature 0℃~50℃
Power Supply Panel (PSP)  
Ballast Type Variable output electronic ballast

Optimized Design based on CFD RED Analysis

- Optimized lamp spacing and arrangement based on CFD analysis

NOL series Characterlistics

Reduce O&M cost

UV Solaray Lamp Technology

- NEOTEC’s UV Solaray La mp Technology i ncreases energy efficiency, extends lamp life, and provides not only the best quality and performance but also cost-efficiency.

Ensure appropriate UV dose is maintained

UV Intensity Sensor

- UV sensors measure the UV intensity in real time and monitor output in response to changes in water quality and lamp aging.

Provide the ease of maintenance

Module Lifting Device

- With help of integrated lifting module, maintenance such as lamp replacement can be done with ease, and cost of hoi st installation can be saved.

Quartz sleeve cleaning system

Motor-Driven Automatic Wiper Mechanism

Motor-driven automatic wiper mechanism cleans sleeve so UV lamp can deliver the UV dose in order to achieve optimal disinfection performance.