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NOL-H SERIES – Open Channel Type Low Pressure Horizontal UV System

Motor Type Wiper System
Cylinder Type Wiper System
  1. Modular design suitable for small and large capacity plants
  2. High efficiency and long lamp life of low pressure high output amalgam technology
  3. Automatic mechanical wiper system (option: on-line mechanical-chemical cleaning system)
  4. Individually cabled UV lamps with waterproof connections
  5. Slim lamp module profile minimizes head loss
  6. Simple lamp replacement due to self-standing, lateral U-type clip and inner sealing design
  7. Module with one-touch connector
  8. UL Certified for electrical safety certification
  9. Certified by California Department of Public Health in accordance with Title 22 of California Code of Regulations

Installation Layout

Lamp Type / Input Power Per Lamp LPHO UV lamp / 40 - 90W Amalgam UV lamp / 320W
Application Small/medium size sewage water disinfection Medium/large sewage water disinfection

NOL SERIES - Model Chart

No. NOL SERIES-Model Lamp Input Lamp Qty'
1 NOL-1M-1A 41W 1ea
2 NOL-1M-2A 41W 2ea
3 NOL-1M-2B 90W 4ea
4 NOL-2M-4B 90W 4ea
5 NOL-2M-6B 90W 6ea
6 NOL-2M-6C 120W 6ea
7 NOL-2M-4D 240W 4ea
8 NOL-2M-6D 240W 6ea
9 NOL-2M-8D 240W 8ea
10 NOL-2M-8D 240W 16ea

Standard Specification

Module Specification
Material STS 316
Lamp Type/Input power per lamp LPHO Lamp, LP Amalgam / 41W, 90W , 320W
Cleaning System Electric Motor-Driven Automatic Wiper Mechanism
Water Level Control(Optional) Fixed Weir, Motorized Weir Gate
Operating Water Temperature 5℃~45℃
Enclosure Specification
Material RAL 7032, Mild steel (Optional StSt 304 available)
Protection Rating IP54 / NEMA 4X
System Control Panel (SCP)
Controller PLC or Microprocessor
Voltage / Frequency 220V~480V / 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature 0℃~50℃
Power Supply Panel (PSP)
Ballast Type Variable output electronic ballast
  Patents, CE certification, Title 22 Validation, UL Certification

Validation and Certification

Title22 Report & CDPH Approval Document
UL Certification


Uv-disinfection tecnology has emerged recently as a promising water treatment method of drinking water, waste or reuse water for the inactivation of pathogenics. however, the design of UV-reactor is very complex task due to operating conditions in water flow. The turbulent flow of water, UV light distribution and other related parameters should be considered. In this paper, the procedure of full0scale tests for open-channel type UV-reactor is described.

Open channel type UV rector.pdf

The development of mechanochemical automatic cleaning device for pipeline UV disinfection equipment and mechanochemical automatic cleaning device for waterway UV disinfection equipment is completed after testing and developing the system in Lab-scale after the production of each Proto Type Sample. We will complete the development by extracting accurate data of the mechanochemical automatic cleaning device developed through the pilot test of scale.

Self-Cleaning Device.pdf
Largest SWTP UV System In S.Korea
Gwang-Ju SWTP 750,000T/D
Gumi SWTP 500,000T/D
S.B. MO - US
B.C. Texas - US