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NCL-P SERIES - (low cost distribution model) chamber type low pressure UV disinfection system



1. Most cost efficient and compact chamber type model.
2. Reasonable price, simple structure, easy installation.
3. Minimum parts to ensure low maintenance cost.
4. Applicable for small scale treatment of hospitals, private facilities, night soil, village sewage, etc.
5. Simple exterior, small footprint, handy lamp replacement.
6. Skid mounting available.
7. customized manufacturing on customers' orders, minimum delivery time.

NCL-P SERIES - Model Chart

* Based on discharge water from wastewater teatment plants (T10 : 65%)
No. NCL-P SERIES Model Capacity (Ton/day) Chamber Dia In/Out Dia Lamp Input Lamp Output Lamp Qty'
1 NCL-PM-A1 40 80A 32A 41W 15W 1ea
2 NCL-PM-B1 100 80A 32A 90W 30W 1ea
3 NCL-PM-C1 150 80A 32A 120W 34W 1ea
4 NCL-PM-C3 350 100A 50A 120W 34W 3ea
5 NCL-PM-C4 500 125A 80A 120W 34W 4ea


Yeon-Am STP