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Medium Pressure Lamp

Ultraviolet light is in the region of from 100nm to 400nm wavelength, located in between visible light and X-ray. Especially 200nm ~ 280nm of germicidal UV, so called UVC, destructs DNA and RNA of microorganisms and therefore permanently inactivates microorganisms.

UV lamps for disinfection emit UVC, and among them low-pressure lamp emits 253.7nm monochromatic wavelength, while medium-pressure lamp emits wide range of polychromatic wavelengths around 265nm. Medium-pressure lamp has higher degree of vacuum, more mercury, and higher UV intensity than low-pressure lamp. Medium pressure lamp can be used in various applications as it emits wide spectrum of UV light. Its life is about 4,000 hours.

A special care should be taken in handling an operating lamp as UV may severely hurt your skin or eye. Protective goggle and gown are compulsory when you should handle it.


NEOTECUV - Medium Pressure UV Lamp - Model Chart

Wattage Length Diameter Effective arc length Input Output Amperage Voltage Expected lamp life
3.5kW 800mm 25mm 680mm 3.5kW 860W 4.5A 960V 4000HRS
2.1kW 800mm 25mm 680mm 2.1kW 466W 4.0A 600V 4000HRS
2.1kW 450mm 25mm 350mm 2.1kW 466W 4.0A 600V 4000HRS
1.2kW 380mm 25mm 350mm 1.2kW 280W 2.5A 500V 4000HRS
* If you are interested in any types other than this model chart, please directly contact us. We can customize the product.

Medium-pressure lamp specification

  1. Lamp type : high-output medium pressure lamp
  2. Effective arc length : 680mm

UV lamp is installed in UV chamber and emits UV light through water to disinfect microorganisms by destructing DNA, RNA, lipid, enzyme and etc., and shall be manufactured to meet the specification below.

  1. Type : medium pressure lamp
  2. Life : 4,000 hours
  3. Wavelength : 200~400nm
  4. Power per effective length : less than 60W/cm