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Microprocessor Control (MICOM) developed and produced by NEOTEC UV for UV disinfection system has no requirement of extra SMPS, is equipped with the latest AVR Processor, so that you can easily add the function you need through firmware upgrade we develop and provide. If you choose to have LCD display (option), you can conveniently check the system and change the configuration.

Configuration of unit includes MICOM body, LCD display (option), RLA (rated load amps), cable. LCD display shows UV intensity, water temperature, total operation hour of the system, running hour of each lamp, number of wiper operation, low UV intensity alarm, state of each lamp, and various error lists.

You can also operate wiper and others manually via LCD so the operator can check and operate the system by just referring to user's manual without extra training. Different from PLC or relay, simple wiring will do for MICOM, this makes control panel compact.




Description Use Voltage input Output
Main board Circuit control 220V 4~20mA analog O/P, dry contact
LCD Moniter Display on screen 220V -
Keypad membrane Interface - -
RLA Current sensor & alarm signal 24V, 12V RELAY CONTACT