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Magnet Rodless Cylinder of NEOTEC UV is specially manufactured to operate under water while normal rodless cylinder cannot.

Magnet Rodless Cylinder is specially designed to have chemical-resistance, durability, and airtightness, therefore provides you with the safest and most sanitary wiper system cleaning quartz sleeves.

Standard configuration includes cylinder and cylinder block. There are permanent magnets and spacers (magnetic substances maximizing the magnetism of the permanent magnets) at regular intervals inside the cylinder block, and there are scrapers at the end of the cylinder block to protect it from physical abrasion, so it can move by magnetic force along the cylinder.


NEOTECUV - Magnet Rodless Cylinder - Model Chart

Size External diameter Length Type
Dia20 x 820 STROKE 20mm 820mm STROKE
Dia25 x 1500 STROKE 25mm 1500mm STROKE
* If you are interested in any types other than this model chart, please directly contact us. We can customize the product.