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Bubble Clean System

Bubble Clean System

What is Bubble Clean System?

Patented Bubble Clean Technology

Cleaning solution and microbubbles flow at a high speed along the spiral grooves inside the wiper collar surrounding the quartz sleeves and clean the sleeve with great efficiency while providing easy maintenance.


Quartz Sleeve Fouling

Various compounds in water can contaminate the surface of quartz sleeve of the UV reactor due to the following reasons

  • Compounds for which the solubility decreases as temperature increases may precipitate [e.g., CaCO3, CaSO4, MgCO3, MgSO4,FePO4, FeCO3, Al2(SO4)3] (EPA 2006).
  • Photochemical reactions that are independent of sleeve temperature may cause sleeve fouling. (Derrick and Blatchley 2005).
  • Parti cles and inorganic chemicals in water can be deposited on the lamp sleeve surface(Lin et al., 1999a & Walt et al. 2005).

Types of Cleaning System

Offline Chemical Cleaning

The reactor is taken off-line, drained, and either filled or sprayed with cleaning solution to dissolve foulants on lamp sleeve surface.
(Chemical treatment)

On-line Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical wiper moves along lamp sleeves and physically cleans foulants on sleeve surface.
(Physical treatment)

On-line Mechanical-Chemical Cleaning (OMCC)

Wiper collar filled with chemical cleaning solution moves along lamp sleeves and dissolves foulants on sleeves while the wiper physically removes deposits. (Physical + Chemical


Differences and Advantages Compared to Existing Technology

NEOTEC’s Bubble Clean System satisfies the shortcomings of conventional OMCC

  1. Microbubbles increase cleaning efficiency
  2. Externally installed and maintained Bubble Clean system can relieve maintenance inconvenience
  3. Cleaning solution can be visually checked for contamination and refilled with ease
  4. A leak detection and an automatic cleaning solution supply valve close system
Existing OMCC System Bubble Clean
Continuous contamination of injected chemical cleaning solution Easy to check contamination level and refill the chemical cleaning solutio
Only lower section of quartz is cleaned if some of injected chemical cleaning solution is leaked The chemical cleaning solution cleans entire section regardless of the leak & solution level
The entire cleaning solution must be drained and refilled even if only one quartz sleeve needs to be replaced No need to drain and refill the entire cleaning solution
Damage to wiper sealing can lead to chemical cleaning solution leak Leak detection and system that automatically closes chemical cleaning solution supply valve
Inconvenience of lifting the entire module individually to refill chemical cleaning solution.
Cf.) For large water treatment facility, hundreds of modules needs to be lift and chemical cleaning solution refilled (takes several days)
Only one external cleaning solution reservoir needs to be drained and refilled.
Cf.) Only few minutes required regardless of the number of modules

Cleaning Performance Verification Complete


Globally Certified Bubble Clean Solution


  1. Suitable for outside use during winter (freezing point below -4°F)
  2. NSF 60 certified to ensure quality and safety assurance
  3. All Ingredients are food grade and food additive
Bubble Clean Solution Bubble Clean Solution-DW
Food grade chemical Food grade chemical
Consist of food additive ingredient Consist of food additive ingredient
Freezing Point: -4°F Freezing Point: -76°F
NSF 60 Certified NSF 60 Certified
For WWTP For Drinking WTP

NSF Certification & Test Report

Cleaning Performance Test Against Different Types of Fouling

※ This test was conducted only using cleaning solution.


Before Generating microbubble
After Generating microbubble